Csepregi Éva

I’ve realized through the years that I’ve been basically driven by the wish to be liked. I don’t know why but I have always felt that I can be more beautiful on the stage than in real life, and the truth is that I could truly experience my real female side only on the stage. I wasn’t lucky in love, because I always let others choose me – I would have needed more self-confidence to be able to choose myself. Maybe it was my last relationship which ended after 15 years that made me realize that I should never have settled for less in relationships, and I should have endeavored to have the perfect for me. Peter, our manager, often told me about the art of choice, he said that it is the greatest art, and now I know that he was right. He managed to choose well, and I had to lose him to realize that I myself know what is good choice and when. I should have done one thing differently, though, the first time I had doubts, I should have quit. If I do it, I divorce in five, not fifteen years… But now I feel great. I feel that finally I have grown up, which may sound bizarre at the age of 65, but it looks like I’m a late bloomer. I was always an easy prey, and I always believed when I was told by others what I can or what I can’t, but for some time now I’m able to recognize and say it that “I know what I want.”