Horváth-Kopányi Zsuzsanna

After having a lot fights with my husband and desperately trying to save our marriage by going to family therapy I just had to ask myself what is best for the kids?! Living life in an unhappy marriage or showing them the example of letting it all go and starting it fresh.  Although it has been extremely difficult living through all the pain of a divorce, I have never regretted it and I would make the same decision again.

I fell in love with a Transylvanian carpenter with whom I have been living with ever since we met. His stability, clear and simple yet emotionally rich worldview helped me get through my divorce. Even today his grounded attitude supports me when I get instable due to the extreme contrast between the life I used to live and my present reality.

From many aspects my life has become much more simple. In this life it is not money that counts, or what is our social status, or what we have materialistically. What counts now is that I like going home because when I arrive I am embraced. I love the Zsuzsi that I have become by his side, the person who does not want to live up to other peoples ‘expectations at all cost and the woman who dares to be herself.

I had to start my life again, I had to help my kids survive the pain and find the solution where I can financially support myself, where I am the king of my own castle and to find the job that gives me satisfaction.

Photo: Volom Sára