Kádár Annamária

Even our hardest stories must be told, and we are responsible for what we pass on. We have to reframe hard stories – on the one hand progressively, looking into the future, on the other hand regressively, how we can forgive. Thus, this is a two-way road, which is basically about character development.

It is just like in fairy tales! We have the hero who can be however frail and unlucky will hit the road. He goes along his road, he has helpers, fight with dragons and witches, but they don’t mean the end of the story, but they’re participants of a battle story, who can be defeated, and the journey goes further right up to the top of the tree reaching the skies.

It is a huge blessing if someone entangling hard life circumstances brought over from childhood and battling them becomes a parent. The one who has experienced the deepest pits, and gets to the surface on his own will obtain an immense self-power, and it helps not only him but his children too.

Therefore, I think we cannot escape our own stories, we must come to grips with them, make them easy to tell, otherwise they will haunt us forever, and we won’t be able to get along. No instant solution, unfortunately; it’s a long, hard but beautiful road, a lifelong development.