KisM Franciska

It has all started about 10 years ago and before we had our three kids. This was the era in my life when everything started happening at the same time. It felt like my whole body was collapsing though this was the time when I would have needed to be on top physically and mentally as well. I clearly remember the day when I woke up in the middle of the night and I literally could not feel my limbs. Fortunately it was not permanent, it was though the last call to start paying attention to my body’s continuous signalling. I started going from doctor to doctor, from physiotherapy to cranio therapy till months later it turned out that I have neck hernia, so serious that surgery is needed.

Trying hard to avoid the frightening and difficult surgery I tried everything I came across, listening to my inner voice saying that there must be some other solution to this!  So, here we go, recommended by somebody’s someone, I tried an ayurvedic therapy. After 10 sessions I felt surprisingly better. I really liked this approach so I started thinking about going to India to check it out there where ayurveda as such was born.

So one day after work I popped into a second hand book store where I found a Rough Guide on India. Bought it, went home and started looking up all the ayurvedic clinics I found in the book. I went onto google to check out which one is the most authentic and contacted them. We exchanged a few emails; I sent my papers to them and they started proposing a program for my healing.

One of the best decisions of my life was to make that journey! After just having a couple of sessions in the first few days, my symptoms started to slowly but surely fading; my hands and arms were tingling less, my head was not spinning around anymore. We did yoga, ate great ayurvedic food based on our body type, took ayurvedic herbal pills and had internal cleansing. In the mean time I learnt about how and what to change in my life. I had a few healing crises but I returned home a different person not only physically but mentally too.

I changed the way I live and I am consciously trying to maintain my mental and physical state.

As far as I am concerned it is really important to dare to follow our inner voice, follow that fine instinct till we find the best solution that works for us, the one that gives us a peace of mind.


Photo: Norita Photography