Miklós Edit

In Hungarian colors at the World Cup first I got into the first thirty, then into the first twenty, finally into the first ten. At the 2004 Olympics I took seventh place at downhill skiing, then at the world cups of the following years, I took second place two times. With this achievement, at the moment, both among men and women competitors, all types of skiing included, I have the best Hungarian results. After my sporting career, I never imagined myself as a coach, but in sports diplomacy. And if today skiing is associated with me in Hungary, then I may be the most appropriate face of Hungarian skiing. People kept asking me if I really wanted this, especially that it’s social work, for which I get not even a cent. Some friends of mine also told me that as a ‘virgo’ it is not sure that it’s worth taking this narrow path. But at the moment I feel that it’s not impossible to strike a happy medium.

Basically, I believe in that things happen for a reason –that I got injured twice has a meaning, too. My belief in that nothing happens accidentally – even if I can’t see the reason – always helped me move on.

Mostly sport helped me develop this attitude, and it also helped me have the courage to think big, and to do anything to act accordingly. Sports – no matter which –, I think, will make us human.

I always achieved my best results when I managed to exclude the outer world, and live the given moment. The problem always struck, when after the start I was thinking about the bend before the finish, or if I couldn’t forget an occasional mistake, but I kept it with me. It all depends on how much you’re able to let go of what you’re carrying, and how much you can yield yourself to the present. Doing it was really hard for me to learn.