Mosó Adrienn and Attila


Basically, the problem with the world today is that it’s drastic – we have a comfortable life, and unless we have a serious reason, we are not willing to change or do anything for ourselves. We go to the extremes, as far as we can, and we refuse to consider our future. However, if we paid attention to the harmless looking symptoms, it would take far less effort to avoid chronic diseases. It is typical the we are only wanted when the trouble is more serious, and we cannot but say “the situation you’ve gotten into is an indicator, a push from life for you to change, for what you have been doing so far is not good, for it has led you here”. It is reassuring to me that more and more people are able to recognize this and consider their own stories.


And it is so interesting to see that those who really begin to pay attention to their bodies will with time be more and more open to the world, environment and nature surrounding them. It will matter to them what they will eat, where they will buy the ingredients, or how big ecological footprint they will leave behind with their lifestyles. In addition, this change happens without us giving them advice concerning their decisions influencing the territories of life – environment and social communities – outside of their bodies.