Tóth Eszter

Besides writing, many-many years ago I suddenly decided that from then I would direct my focus upon passing on my understanding, yielding space to individual and group meetings, but I still cannot consider it a job, I’ve simply become tótheszter.

People come to see me with symptoms of certain illnesses or with the feeling of ‘as if I’d gotten stuck in a roundabout’. That’s good – I usually say, since every crisis, when we get stuck, every bodily symptom is a possibility for recovery. It fills me with great happiness when along understanding I can see souls shining through, and I feel as steps become lighter, fates take a turn.

I particularly like it if small children come to see me. They’re clean, real and they absolutely live in the moment. It’s entirely natural for them that there exists hidden from the eyes a superior organizing power. They’re still able to use energy as ‘lightsabers’, converse with invisible friends, and they don’t understand why grownups don’t have eyes for everything. Then, after we tell them many times that ‘alright, honey, go back and play with your dice’, they also put an end to it all, and in accordance with expectations they put on their masks and roles. This is what happens to us all. Yet still I believe that this process is reversible.

Photo: Momo